Robyn was lonely and didn’t know it. She had seventy pennies in one jar and thirty two in another. She had three penny jars all together but had only placed pennies in two of them. Robyn’s ex boyfriend used to help her collect. But then he had to move out. He was kind of in love with Greg. Well not kind of, more like let’s get matching outfits. Robyn and him used to do that-coordinate their outfits. Yes, it was weird. Mrs. Klimchuck, Robyn’s neighbor, told her husband about it and he said stop spying and go make coffee. Then they waited for the kids to leave for school and made love on the new carpet. It was sheepskin. Robyn made love on a carpet once. It wasn’t sheepskin. During the act the burn of the carpet had felt good, it increased the pleasure; but after-it was a fucking burn. The ex told her to tough it out. She told him to go fuck Greg. And he did. When Robyn finally got rid of the penny jars she cried and she crawled into her closet and shut the door while she shook one of the penny jars like a false tambourine. Then she took all the pennies to the bank and got shinny new dollar bills. She dropped a penny once and some lucky guy picked it up. And then one day maybe he’ll find her and give her the penny. Or he’ll find a girl named Penny. He’ll marry Penny, and the ex will marry Greg, and Robyn will marry herself.