If you can’t say yes
Just go past the gate
where the old grass
used to be

Lie down
And try to remember
what day it was they took you

I know you won’t
Because it was too many years ago
And all the things that were
When you were still here

Have been taken
Ripped off even
or shifted by weather

And put in odd places
or are now lost forever

In a distant yard
In a store pile
Recycled-made anew

If you want
I’ll take you
to where they donated
most of your clothes

I’ll show you
where the apple trees used to be
We can check together
if the dog house is still there

Most of what remains
is yours to keep
if you still want the broken furniture
shred curtains
the half hanging light fixtures

If when you look out the corner window
You can still see the tool shed
And not think of where they kept you

When you hear a scream
coming from inside the house
Remember it’s just a memory