To Pot a Plant 

To pot a plant is simple

Simply take a rabbit’s foot
Because there is never enough
Spare luck in the world
A stray hair from a loved one
And enough smooth rocks

If you are a bored aristocrat
With a gun in your holster
Watching enough television
With nature shows
Where a lion’s cock is not pornography
You might end up on my list

It is not complete
But I have plans for it
And in the meanwhile,
Watering plants is my pass time

Unless I again spy
Three neighbors

Climbing down elevator ropes
One with a knife between his teeth
Like a bandit
The second a woman
With multi-purpose balm
Smoothed across her cheeks and
Her pretty plump mouth
And the third a bus driver
Simply along for the ride


The corridors are long and slim
And revealing
And the only things that grow
Receive only a third,
A geometric shaped side,
Of the sun


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