You are a lover

You are a lover
By the grace of a tepid sea monster

By the light reflected in the ocean
on the brightest day

You swim
In the shallow wake
Of a western sunrise

The moon, you notice
Abandoned ship
And now stalks Pluto

The world turned upside down
And the oceans making up the sky
So that every apartment
In every building
is complaining
Of humidity

Of drops of water that are causing
Leaks and mold
But come not from taps
No matter how many tubs
Fill with muddy prints of slaves
and regurgitate hair

And the blackness of it surrounds
The mold growing
Hungrier with every meal

All until every complex
Of every city
Has been dragged down
Melted down to the sand

And the oceans drop
Its sighs released
And Venice, laughing gratuitously,
No longer flooding
But ruler of the world

You are a lover
By the bliss in a lazy god’s eye

Even the light
Takes vacations


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