You always come to the party

You always come to the party
A stone face liar
Dragging your wrists
Lips pale
Pinned up dress
Sixty bodies
to make one nail polish

I wink
You bounce your tongue
off the roof of your mouth

I shoulda called first
An incongruous crackle
Then steady and slow hits
Ringing up Hades
But the hell hounds
Make the click sounds too loud
Like gold heels on marble
across the floor
Wrapping me in a cocoon

I don’t like to go down slides
Every time I call
I hear a tapping on your end
Each beat a new fly dead
so you can have some
for dinner

I know how you look
In the dirty
Makeup off
Bloody veined bride
On the brown couch
stuffing face

It’s not a party favor I know
but I sink so easy
and you’re so heavy
I promise that later
We can do our thing
We can sit on the rooftop edge
of a high rise


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