I hot-wired a car last night

I hot-wired a car last night
It was sitting red speckling dusted
Under a canvas
My favorite lipstick color
That I noticed out of the side of my eye that night
was already branded
On your cheek
A hot kiss

I polished the car with cleaner
No gloves
Just my newest pair of ridiculous underwear
Even though there were bruises
On my arms
and boils on my hands

I knew it had to be done
Because I went to bed
In dirty pyjamas
And woke up with my falcon hood off
And a garter scratching at my thighs

It had the pretense of an antique
When both I and the mechanic
knew I had covered it
just last week

He teased me with his pants open
The apprentices cheered him on
I was easy
Every black greased
blue collared monkey
in there thought
But I worked with determination
I’ll pay you for the space later

When I’ve already hitched it
Outta there
And he’s saying
That’s my baby over there
Rock steady
What would I do
without my stubborn girl by my side


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