Put your head in the water

Put your head in the water
And don’t pull it back out
Be like the tremor
that lives
in the neighborhood ocean
The one you can take the train to

Picture yourself
in the gear of a city
Deadheading the necky
post humorous men
Like wilting roses
Long lost the ability to prick
who want to wear you
on their heads like underwear
A scarf they can smell
between their eyes

This is exactly what I do
when i want to enter
A subterraneous world
And often I see
that I’ve missed
its hellion days
That I have to bring
my own party

As I’m sitting in a forbidden place,
Unhindered by its archives,
whose grey bony hands have all
burst through
making up the walls
attempting to grasp me
Perfectly safe in a booth
drinking expired soda
I want us to be
like two strands of grass
To not care if we are seen


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