I was all tangled up

I was all tangled up
In old pictures
I should have made
Having taken up
the coat of an ermine

I never seriously traveled
through sewers
Only when I realized
to be Queen meant to mingle
at the table
with the most passive artist

In his house
On the floor were wet matches
that had been buried
since the last ice age
I scratched them against cardboard
to light up the place
Instead they led me
A trail to a rain forest

He used to read to me
as I lay in the bath
All around us
the floods continued

He read to me about Snow White
Her lips are red, he said
because she drinks
every prince
who tries to kiss her

When I graduated to old friend
Stopped thinking
everything was complicated
I thought maybe
I could read to him

While he was submerged
In water
Back and forth
If he is not reborn every minute
it is useless

We laughed then
Your old self
knows the future
we said



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