I must be a good kisser

Let me tell you babes,
I speak several languages
so I must be a good kisser

Do you remember how hungry I was
for weeks
Unable to eat, to speak
Just waited to come home
and cry
Like I’d flip a switch
Like routine, a job, a time and a place

It didn’t matter then
if I could swipe my tongue
Left, Right
On the back of a bicep
In the runt of his asshole
It did not matter if my lips were
burning-dry from my own spit

Only what they all said
-you’re a charming girl
for a cold bitch
that kisses like a grave digger

Light up my face why don’t you
With a match
You look squinting
Hands half-way impulse to searching
No way; can it be
One second waif
the next in the fading fire
a sagging, purple bagged, demon’s wife

Wake up
Hung over
Hair stained with fingernails
You turn over
Without your glasses you think
Maybe…is it? A flicker of a dragon lady again
The same girl sprung in your bed
Lifted last night to the ceiling
Levitating with sing-song instead of the usual

I am by the radiator
soaking in the heat
Hands helping heavy arms
Sweating, heaving
Supporting myself through a hunch
Like I’m giving birth


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