That time I was caught in the escalator

That time
When I was caught
in the escalator

Listening to a couple fight
At the top of the stairs

I had my jean jacket
shredded inside the metal teeth
My rings scraping against it

They sent the fire department
to pull me out
After 13 hours
they gave up
Everyone’s got a family

The next day
people had to go to work
and I was still stuck
so everyone had to walk on top of me

I thought of asking for a charge
but didn’t know
what I would do with the money

I talked to twenty news reporters
I was national news
That one asshole caught in the stairs

How does this change your plans?
You got a special someone?
Well yes I do,
We were gonna get married see
Juliet if you’re watching this…

I knew it was too much
when my mother decided
she had a right to mourn
Her rich boyfriend
paid for my funeral services
An empty casket sown in the ground


I was at a festival

I forget old friends
Like shirts
In the back of a closet

I want to tie them all
To a chain link fence
Give them jugs of water
I’ll be back when I miss you
Don’t go anywhere

Just last week
I was at a festival
I tripped on a peanut
And fell stomach first
Into a petting zoo
Some of the camels had their great
droopy mouths open
Biting tourist hands softly
And eating with sleepy eyes
So I did like they
and propped open my mouth
and was fed and petted

When I had enough
under-boob sweat
and dirt pellets in my hair
I walked out
Picked my personality back up
At the camel gate
No one cared to steal it
And walked home

I saw some skeletons
tied to a fence
One had a cardboard sign
around its neck: Larry, it said

A few blocks down
Were my friends
Freed and smoking