I was at a festival

I forget old friends
Like shirts
In the back of a closet

I want to tie them all
To a chain link fence
Give them jugs of water
I’ll be back when I miss you
Don’t go anywhere

Just last week
I was at a festival
I tripped on a peanut
And fell stomach first
Into a petting zoo
Some of the camels had their great
droopy mouths open
Biting tourist hands softly
And eating with sleepy eyes
So I did like they
and propped open my mouth
and was fed and petted

When I had enough
under-boob sweat
and dirt pellets in my hair
I walked out
Picked my personality back up
At the camel gate
No one cared to steal it
And walked home

I saw some skeletons
tied to a fence
One had a cardboard sign
around its neck: Larry, it said

A few blocks down
Were my friends
Freed and smoking


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