The Orange Picker

There was a lot of pollution
back at home
So we traveled west
And on the way we killed several horses

Not by brute force
but by the will to survive
It was us or them
That is why evil is inherent and natural
I thought
And if it is some comfort ceases to be evil

All this I meant to write down
so I would never become
too comfortable
in my new home

All this I forgot for a brief time
when I was caught up in lilac perfume,
a sword swallower, and of course
Howie Brigs
A gangster who picked me up

He found me
among the Orange trees
where I had come to work
Alongside eight year old girls
and sixty-eight year old women

He picked me out
for a big time Hollywood picture
I played the Orange picker
who falls in love with Texas oil royalty
A daughter of a tycoon

My costar Eleanor Poppins
was the daughter of an oil tycoon
A man who hated pictures,and me

When filming finished
I returned to picking oranges
Just without cameras

My fingers always smelled of oranges
Never of Eleanor
Like I had never been anywhere
Without design I masked, eradicated
clues to my goings
with the astringent aroma
I was one thing only

Months later
I went to the premier of the film
They named it A Dime a Dozen