We buy pomegranates

I’m five
We go to a street market
And buy pomegranates

Just days earlier
I threw up
from eating tomatoes

Throw a gold and purple coat
Over me
Let me roll in a bear hide
It is the same thing as eating
a pomegranate

I’m six
We’re reading
About Persephone
while safely tucked
under the comforter

I didn’t have a crush on Paris
or Theseus
but on Hades

How nice it would be
to live with little light
Black stone carved from the quiet
Collected after the storm
Somewhere cozy in infinite space

Where secrets cover you
without resentment
Like hot towels
Pools with steam
for getting hot and sleepy
Purple lights appearing when needed
They are for luck
Borrowed from the other world

I am not hard core

I could only spend half my time here
And when I am present it is not
because I want to house in my body
Jealousy, decay, rebirth, ambition, whatever
I just want a quiet home


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