I don’t wear makeup

I don’t wear makeup
Every guy I meet is fascinated by this
They stroke my cheek
They pet my nose
They pull my eyes wide open
so they can look
at the underside
of my eyelashes

No makeup at all, they say, Hmm

I’m on a date
Smack my ass, I say
I can’t, he says, searching my face again

Let’s make a deal, he decides

Let’s go on vacation
Aruba, Bahama
Come to my parent’s house for dinner
If you get pregnant on our first date
don’t worry
I’ve got my grandmother’s ring
in my pocket right now
We’ll honeymoon somewhere cold
so we can shack up in a cabin
for a month
just the two of us
We’ll have four children
There is a lot of pressure on me
to become governor
I need a good wife to come home to

He’s on one knee

I’m crying
We’ve been through so much together
He’s the love of my life
I love you, he says through snot
I love you, I say as I taste my own tears

He’s calling him mother and his sisters
to tell them the good news
His whole family is on speaker phone
Aw gosh, goes his mother,
your father says you can have
the new Mercedes as a wedding present
His sister Dana
is going to be my maid of honor

I spot red lipstick
I bought once on a whim
I saved it to use
only for Christmas parties

I swipe it on
pout my lips
in the foyer mirror

I turn to look at him
He nods quietly

He leaves


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