A Love Poem

I tied a rope
Around a jagged hook
Edged into watery soil

I held on
Palms burning
Smiling like a lady

I slipped down slowly
Into a large hole
Formed suddenly over night
An open invitation
My choice

Let me read that palm
Tell me what I already know
The red dot marks the spot
Where your heart once bled out
Now you reek of decay

I tied the rope wrong
Like you did before
A practiced hack
You told me

My hands bled
My knees ripped
I thought: this is cozy

Who would deny
A damp earthy hug
Where dirt gets in your ears
So you hear only
I want you
I want you

I might have been buried
Crushed gently by maggots
Nibbling away at me lovingly
In silken leaves
And a heavy moist soil
Pinning me to a sigh:
I want you too

Lucky I saw the cold lake
at the end of the line
Black and trashing with liquid fear
And in this crystal ball a face
Trying to destroy me